Pad-Lock can be bought as a package with the following numbers of the components:

  • 25 Bases
  • 12 Tablet Casings & locks (either for iPads or for 10″ Android tablets)
  • Three 4-dock Charging Racks

Pad-Lock for Restaurants






This basic package is available at US$4,490, plus postage & packing.

Individual units of the components can be bought as follows:Pad-Lock for Restaurants

Base: US$95, plus postage & packing

Tablet Casing (with lock): US$120, plus postage & packing

4-port Charging Rack: US$175, plus postage & packing

8-port Charging Rack: US$325, plus postage & packing

We can provide significant discounts for large orders. Please feel free to contact us.


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